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Property Tax Appeals/ Litigation

The Law Office of Scott Fridley is dedicated to representing the property owners of California in protecting their property interests against county appraisal districts and local taxing authorities.

Mr. Fridley is committed to the proactive management and reduction of his clients’ property tax.
The Law Office of Scott Fridley offers a range of services from appeals and personal property tax returns. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of your industry. Whether you’re a tenant in a commercial building or the owner of a large industrial property/ aircraft, Mr. Fridley has a solution that will work for you.

Our Legal Services Include:

  • Property value appeals of Assessment Appeals Board orders to state district court.
  • Prosecution of property value litigation against assessors.
  • Compelling appraisal review boards to conduct hearings or issue orders in accordance with the provisions of the California Property Tax Code.
  • Compelling Assessors Office and Appeal review boards to comply with the requirements of the California Property Tax Code and California Constitution.
  • Representing property owners and lien holders in delinquent property tax suits.
  • Advising and consulting property owners on property tax matters.
  • Negotiating with appraisal districts to resolve property value disputes.
  • Appeal Process & Procedure (Appeal Recommendations, Appeal Case Preparation and Filing, Appeal Presentation).

The Law Office of Scott Fridley focuses on identifying real and personal property tax refund opportunities by analyzing assessments in prior years. Real and personal property taxes paid in prior years are often recoverable when assessment errors or valuation issues can be applied retrospectively.

Mr. Fridley will analyze prior years' tax bills, reviewing the accuracy of the data upon which the assessments were based. He will identify taxpayer and assessor errors, alternative valuation approaches, and overlooked exemptions. He will provide you with a detailed report identifying potential refund opportunities, including all necessary support. As your partner, and with your approval, we file refund claims with the local taxing authorities and monitor the claims until we’ve secured all refunds for you.